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Sound Bath


All Ages

Ages 3 to 7




The sound journey or sound bath is a deep relaxation session that uses the sounds and vibrations of various and unique instruments .

Sound baths:

- Allow you to relax and unwind deeply.

- Let go of the mind.

- Release physical and emotional blockages and tensions.

- Harmonize the different bodies.

- Activate self-healing capacities.

- Strengthen the immune system.

Sharon is constantly searching for new ways in which to express herself and to connect with others.

On the frontier between storytelling and music, the sound bath (or sound journey) has naturally become another way for her to express herself.

A professional musician for over 40 years, and a professional storyteller for 18, Sharon brings to her sound sessions all the sensitivity to vibrations and images that she has developed in her work as a storyteller.

From the teachings she received for 25 years on the Tibetain Buddhist path as well as her more recent journey on the Red Road (Lakota spiritual path), Sharon helps us connect with the invisible.

For the past four years, Sharon has been offering regular group sessions at her center.

She also works with schools , municipalities as well as  regional and departmental organizations.