Shows For All Ages


Time : 50 minutes

Public : From 5 years and up.

Unruly 'Mini-angels', a king who must touch the moon, guessing games...

The spoken word is transformed into melody, strange musical instruments free the wind, fire and the Milky Way.

Comical moments collide with poetic images.  

The cosmos and the 4 elements are orchestrated , carrying the audience to the heart of wonderland.

"...A captivating performance...The young public was bewitched and facinated be the story teller..."

                                                                                                               République de Seine et Marne(77)

"The four elements are recounted with humor and endearment...The performance is punctuated with riddles...songas are accompanied by astonishing percussion instruments..."

                                                                                                                     Public library of Valenton (94)


                                             Excerpts of A Path Through the Milky Way in English


A Path Through The Milky Way

The four elements and the cosmos for voice and music

Water,Water everywhere!

Tales and songs of water...

There are two versions :

Time : 45 minutes

Public : From 4 to 7

Time : 60 minutes

Public : all ages from 7

How does a mule save his village from drought? Why are animals dancing on the riverbed? How did the ocean become salty? All these questions and more will be broached in this show where water plays a central role.

Water is not only present as a character, but as a musical universe. The spoken word blends with songs, the sound of an ocean drum, the rhythm of a flaoting gourd, the haunting melody of an aquatic kalimba, the call of a conch, the tinkling of bell anklets - evoking one after the other : the surf, dancing animals,flowing rivers...

During the show, the public participates actively in the spontaneous recording of the ocean and it's environment, and become themselves the creators of a tapestry of sound.  

                                        Excerpts of Water,Water Everywhere! are only in French, for the moment.


This show is a tribute from an inveterate traveler to her adopted homeland : Occitania or the Oc country ofsouthern France.

Tales of initiation blend with tales of trees and sky, rivers and animals, spirits, mischief and magic...

The universal is reflected in these local tales.

Original compositions mingle with traditional songs in French and Occitanian.

"As Sharon Evans arrives on stage, we detect a subtle, undefinable accent...Imagine my surprise whn she starts speaking and singing in Occitanian ! Playing with words starting with "cat", we rediscover "Puss N' Boots". Her humor is subtle and never out of context as she introduces us to an intelligent, sensitive, mischievous cat - master of his destiny...Sudenly the story teller becomes the singer ; her expressions changes- she becomes radiant as we remain captivated to the last word..."

                                                                                                            The Journal of the festival "Paroles de Conteurs".

                                            Excerpts of Jardins d'Occitanie are only in French for the moment

Occitanian Gardens

Occitania seen through the eyes of an American traveler

There are two versions :

Time : 45 minutes

Public : 4 to 7

Time : 60 minutes

Public : All ages from 7

Words From A Wicker Basket

Native American stories for voice and musical instruments

Time : 60 minutes

Public : from 8 years

"The audience was transported through space and time to the heart of Native American wisdom..."

                                                                 La République du Centre

How did the first horse come to the Great Plains ?

Why are birds feather differnt colors?

Whydor Rcoons have black stripes around their tails?

Who killed the opgre "Phantom Face" ?

A young girl from the Cree tribe has a magic wicker basket filled with stories. Lift the cover and, one after the other, the strories are released.

It is said that : "Stories are born on the back of a dear. The words run all across his back  then jump off his tail - so ends the story. Aho!"

                          Excerpts of Words From A Wicker Basket are in French, for the moment.

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